20 Jan 2015 Off

Day One


Starting today, I will start a simple daily update to record my thoughts in this new environment.

So yesterday was my first day (it's 12:13 AM as I'm writing this) at the new office. As usual, I made new friends among the new 'batch' intake. There was not so much tasks on the day as we have to provide the documents needed for admin department and so on.

What a tiring day. I was slept unwittingly from 8:00 PM and woke up at 10:00 PM. I don't think I can sleep right away even at this time of writing (1:15 AM). Hopefully I can get through this very well despite the long commute journey and some other stuff.

To end my update, I would like to dedicate this heart touching performance to a girl who is currently in Edinburgh, whom I made my best effort ever in my life to get her attention but now it seems that He has a better plan for each of us. Yes, I do believe in His plan.

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