25 Jan 2015 Off

Day Five

Note: I was exhausted on day four, finishing up entry for another website up to 4:00 AM and eventually forgot to write an entry for the day. Another thing is that I totally forgot what has had happened on day four.

I was taking OT until around 9:30 PM. Hadi was waiting for me at the ground floor before we were having chit chat about future plan. The session also participated by his friends.

Then Hadi send me to the place where I parked my car. I reached home around 2:00 AM.

22 Jan 2015 Off

Day Three

Yesterday I've got the 'chance' to be on the front-line at customer service desk.

Hope I can get through this very well.

21 Jan 2015 Off

Day Two

Yesterday we spent the lunch time to open a bank account and print the statement.

After lunch, I called Astro CS to terminate the subscription. She explained that I can choose between temporary or permanent termination. Temporary termination can be up to 3 months. I chose permanent one, so the line will be off after 20 February and I should return the decoder, remote control and smart card within 30 days from the date.

When commuting back home, the LRT's door were closed before I could embark to KL Sentral station. So I had to stop by at Bangsar station and ride the LRT again to KL Sentral.

The road in front of the Komuter station was very congested that I have to walk about 1.5km from the station to the shoplots.

I'm very exhausted and can't think of anything.

Signing off.

20 Jan 2015 Off

Day One


Starting today, I will start a simple daily update to record my thoughts in this new environment.

So yesterday was my first day (it's 12:13 AM as I'm writing this) at the new office. As usual, I made new friends among the new 'batch' intake. There was not so much tasks on the day as we have to provide the documents needed for admin department and so on.

What a tiring day. I was slept unwittingly from 8:00 PM and woke up at 10:00 PM. I don't think I can sleep right away even at this time of writing (1:15 AM). Hopefully I can get through this very well despite the long commute journey and some other stuff.

To end my update, I would like to dedicate this heart touching performance to a girl who is currently in Edinburgh, whom I made my best effort ever in my life to get her attention but now it seems that He has a better plan for each of us. Yes, I do believe in His plan.

13 Jan 2015 Off

2 Things In The Kitchen I Learn From My Lecturer

First of all, yes, I was living with lecturer during my student days. How? I will explain about that in my entry someday later.

There are two things that I noticed from my lecturer's habit or behaviour while he was in the kitchen. First, when frying the fish or chicken he usually put the cover on top of the frying pan to prevent the frying oil spread out of the pan.

Second, he always get all the onions and bawang merah blended right after he bought them so he don't waste his time to do that everytime whenever he wants to cook. Indeed, it was our (me and my another housemate) job to do that stuff for him.

Enough said, I will practise these two things in the kitchen when I live in my very own house one day.

30 Nov 2014 Off

Entri Terakhir Untuk 2014

Hahaha.. Ok, sebenarnya ini juga merupakan satu-satunya entri yang aku tulis untuk tahun 2014.

Tak ada apa yang penting cuma hanya nak bagitau yang tahun depan aku target nak tulis entri sekurang-kurangnya dua kali sebulan. Ok la tu... tak semestinya dua kali sebulan saja. Kalau ada idea menarik atau aku teringat pengalaman dulu-dulu yang berguna aku akan kongsikan di sini.

Lagi pun aku kena balance-kan dengan task yang aku untuk website yang satu lagi. Yang tu boleh kata high-end juga la... satu Malaysia baca. And of course, yang tu bukan aku buat sorang. Jadi kira blog ni boleh jadi tempat aku 'exercise' la.

Sekarang ni zaman media sosial, orang tak baca blog sangat dah. Tapi orang yang pandai, dia akan letak link entri terbaru dia setiap kali dia update dia punya status media sosial. Cuma apa yang aku tulis di blog ni, tinggal di sini saja. Aku tak akan kongsi di media sosial atau pun cerita kepada sesiapa. Saja.

Blog ni pun aku tak pernah promote/share dengan sesiapa. Ok, sebenarnya aku pernah share dengan sorang dua kawan. Itu pun sebab dia tanya dan itu pun setahun dua yang lepas. Jadi sesiapa yang terjumpa blog ni kira 'nasib' la.

Semoga 2015 lebih baik tahun yang lepas-lepas.

Jangan lupa ada GST :P

23 Dec 2012 0

My December 2012


Gambar curi.

What a perfect moment to end my 2012. Well, seriously said I don't expect her to blog about the present since that was not the first time I appreciate her by giving presents. This is the fourth time, to be exact. When I read '4th' on her blog then I was like "is it fourth already?" Then I started to recall the first, second and third stuff.

Okay, why? What's the reason behind all these (the giving)? My answer would be as simple as this:
If it can makes me happy, why not?

The future is unpredictable indeed, nevertheless, forever I will remember.

nota kaki: she really have made my day.